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ooze vape pen

ooze vape pen for sale

Ooze vape pen. Ooze vape pen provides all of the features in disposable vape technology that vapers are looking for.

Our e-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings and other chemicals to create an aerosol you inhale and that would leave you absolutely buzzing

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Ooze vape pen for sale.Ooze vape pen has a sturdier feel that has more weight in your hand, and immediately tells you it’s a quality device. This new model has a more streamlined silhouette. The collar that used to hold the threading at the top of the battery is now flush, making it look longer despite only being 1cm taller than the 1.0 version. The flex temp dial on the bottom has also been updated.

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Ooze vape features pulse wave technology, or buzzing feedback that tells you when the battery powers on and off, and when the cartridge has made a connection with the device. We highly recommend running a cycle of Prep Mode every time you turn the Ooze vape on. It does wonders to clear stubborn clogs in the cartridge! This battery has Safe Sesh Mode enabled.

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